We aim to provide lenses of an excellent quality.  For that reason we do not offer an in-house glazing system where you can receive lenses for your frames the same day.  Instead our lenses are designed with the aid of a computer program to match your specific requirement, they are not just standard lenses.  Most of our lenses are manufactured in Germany to a high technical specification.  This system ensures you get the most accurate prescription and the thinnest lightest lenses.
Our Dispensing Optician will guide you through the lens choices, materials and coatings  after your test.  We will make sure you choose products most suited for your work, lifestyle and importantly your budget.

What is a varifocal?

A varifocal is sometimes known as a progressive lens.  There are no visible markings or segments separating the different vision areas, and the prescription gradually changes down the lens from distance at the top, through to intermediate and then to reading at the bottom.  Many patients feel a certain amount of trepidation about trying varifocal’s, feeling perhaps they will not be able to adjust to them.  A small proportion of patients may struggle to adapt, but the vast majority enjoy great benefits from varifocal’s.  we offer all our patients the assurance of a 60 day period to decide whether varifocals are right for them.  If not we guarantee to provide you with an alternative, be it single vision, or bifocals.

What is a Bifocal?

Bifocals have the distance power at the top and a reading power in the lower segment of the lens. There are visible markings separating the areas.

What is a single vision lens?

Single vision lenses have one power only, either distance or reading, although it is also common for patients to have an intermediate lens too, for computer work etc.

What is a Photochromic lens?

These lenses are popular and darken on exposure to UV light.  Generally darkening to a brown or grey colour.